Sunday, March 14, 2010

Really, Shakespeare... What role do you call this?

As many of you know, I have been in my hometown Midland since late August 2009, and have completely obsessed with getting out since I come back… LOL. I have not been inspired to do anything let alone write. Therefore, I am trying my hand at picking it up again. I am hopeful this will help me stay focused. This is just a short list of events/things that have happened and my thoughts since I moved back to Midland (not in chronological order)

1) Midland has not changed a bit, yes true, there are new restaurants, hotels and a plethora of other buildings, but at the core, nothing has changed. I am happy that I will always know that whatever adventure I decided to undertake, whether successful or not, I will always have Midland here to “refuel” if you will. I think Midland, to me, is like a rest stop. Like driving on a loooooong road trip, and you want to rest, and not give up on the trip (or perhaps you were thinking of giving up and going back “home”; but instead, you just pull over into the rest stop and take a breather from life, get your thoughts together, make a new plan, look at the map a little and reemerge ready to conquer anything. That said, Midland is my home, and I will always cherish it as such.

2) THERE ARE NOT JOBS HERE, OR ANYWHERE. I am so over doing jobs that are not worth me, not worth my education, not worth my time… all because of bills… haha. I say suck it bills. No, not really; but I am tired of working dead-end jobs. I moved back here in hopes of finding a reasonable job and getting things back on track. You guessed it, upon getting back here no one was hiring. On the other hand, they would look at my resume and say, “over-qualified!” It is so back that my friend Ami told me that another friend that had recently moved back to Midland had to take off her graduate degree before she could even get an interview. Yeah, can you believe that? I do not understand what it is with people not wanting to hire someone (especially in a recession) because of their level of education. I mean, seriously, if a person is applying for a job, don’t you think he/she/ I know(s) what the job entails or what it pays. We know if we are overqualified, but that is clearly not an issue or else we would not apply. I finally found a job on the complete end of the spectrum of what I would like to be doing, but hey, it pays the bills. Also, had a short relapse and did a retail position, it did not last long.

3) Speaking of jobs, I am up for a position (in the same company that I currently work). I am super excited because the job would not only pay more that I make now, I would be able to use my education, and I would actually have a title (and my own office)! I would consider this my entry-level position, because to me, it would be my first “professional” job. It is located in Beaumont, TX…, which I do not mind, but I had a friend say, “moving to Beaumont, is just like moving to Midland.” I rebut by saying, “no, I do not know anyone in Beaumont, I do not know any streets in Beaumont, Beaumont is absolutely new to me, so it is not Midland. And, plus, I would be moving for a job!” (Will keep you posted)

4) It is hard watching someone you love fall out of love with someone they once loved.

5) New Car! It is such a wonderful feeling being able to just get up and go driving in your own car, knowing you pay the note, you put gas in it, and it is YOURS!!!

6) MYA LYNN – my niece is soooo wonderfully perfect. I love her to death, she started crawling and she is a little terror. Her first birthday is March 24th, 2010!!! She is having a “Paris in Springtime” themed party…

7) Poetry & Motion 2010! I was the assistant director of my first poetry event show. I am very please the way it turned out, and with the crowd response.

8) I have lost ALL of my jewelry! Everything, yes, even all of my Tiffany bracelets and the Tiffany necklace. So sad. Oh, and yes… I also broke the Chanel’s … that was a sad day too.

9) Lived with my great-great grandmother, who happens to be a total comedian; my favorite quote from her, “Lord, kill her!” By the way, she was very serious with that request. Love her.

10) Started a chapbook surrounding the events/ residents of my job, it is called, “Their feet are half in the casket” (It is a working title)

Currently, my tank is on “F” and I am putting all of my effort into escaping.

My nemesis, William S, always throws in my face his famous (and clichéd) quote:

All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages.