Friday, April 24, 2009

Black men (upway to finish) first

We are the black
spots on the backside
of a ladybug built of ancient
stock landing

offside walls crawling
upway (rest complete)
Ascend obstacles made faux

by wing-decay I accept
this weight that was bestowed
on me from above the clouds

Wander nomadically
lost (arise again
at the start) wander

to and through a stolen
nest First to be secondclassed purposely
made the blacksheep

with matching attributes
Ghettogrins paired by liquored
chickengreased lips of full

potential Complacent
by way of (misguided clout) evolve
roots by tree whispers and grow

upway then walk now
run The pre\era shouts
for our black spots
to smooth white rocks

to fresh asphalted
journeys of
imminent upway climbing

My poet-self said this morning:

“Wipe the sleep out of your eyes, and go! Live every day before there are none left. Just detour around the bureaucracy –never look back. Oh, and smile daily!”

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